So it’s been awhile!!!

It amazes me how time flies!!  Really I can’t believe that it has been so long since my last post.  Life is just so busy right now!! 

I wanted to give an update.  I didn’t end up running the Half-Marathon as I had hoped for.  Instead I did run the 10K .  After the race I felt like I could have kept going some but I don’t think it would have been a very pretty sight if I had tried for the full half.  My training had a few setbacks as I made so many unexpected trips back home to see my mom.  Thankfully she is currently out of the hospital but she still has a long road in front of her.  I did promise myself that I will still be doing another Half Marathon this year, so I will keep you updated.  I am running a 5 K this weekend at Martha Clara Vineyards.

I couldn’t pass up a chance to do a trail run and then enjoy a glass of wine at the end!!!!  Plus it’s for a great cause!

I promise to update again soon!  Until then, Keep moving and Stay Fit!!

– Kat-