Random Thoughts and Updates!

I can’t even begin to  tell you how much I love this time of year.  First there is St. Patrick’s Day, which is tied for my favorite holiday along with the fourth of July.  We also start to get a glimpse of nice weather around now.  This past week on LI the weather has been spectacular.  I have been taking Avery out in the Jogging stroller everyday for a run.  I also start thinking about Spring Cleaning right now. 

As mentioned before I am trying to change my household to an organic/green household.  This includes the cleaners.  I am reading this book right now

(Yes that is Don Imus’s wife. )

The book tells you all about the harmful things that are found in today’s cleaners.  Things like neurotoxins, mutagens, potential carcinogens, and endocrine and hormone disruptors.  These all can be linked to ADHD, Autism, Asthma and even cancer in children!!!  Here I was thinking that the scrubbing and cleaning I was doing was actually good for my daughter. 

I have now made an active effort to change products.  I am in love with many of the Seventh Generation  products. One personal fave is their Laundry Detergent in Blue Eucalyptus and Lavender.  It smells amazing! The other brand I am  loving is Method!!  They are 100% all natural and the scents are to die for.  I am currently using a lot of their Pink Grapefruit cleaners.  Check them out next time you are at the store.

On a  side note I only have about 2 weeks before my birthday.  I think it’s about time I get my butt out to the vineyards this year.  If you live anywhere near LI make sure you leave time to go the Northfork and visit the 20+ vineyards!!

Happy Spring!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Updates!

  1. Ooh, I love Method products. I am currently using their Wood for Good spray and it works really well. I love the scent of it, too. I picked up their bathroom cleaner to use when the current one runs out.

    Happy Belated St. Patty’s day from one Irish girl to another 🙂

  2. Love Method and Seventh Gen. I also love homemade cleaners – vinegar, baking soda and lemon all make great ones! Your birthday is approaching super fast. If you do a vineyard trip, let me know!

  3. Did you know that vinegar is actually better at killing bacteria than bleach? Hard to believe since Clorox has taught us differently. I really only use baking soda, vinegar & hot water to clean anymore. Since I’ve always had issues with the fragrances added to cleaners, going minimalistic on this stuff has really helped me to start feeling better when I clean.

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