Snack time!

Part of my job as a nutritionist and gym woman extraordinaire is to come up with ideas for my clients to snack on. I am constantly wandering the aisles in the grocery store to see if there is anything new and exciting. Here are a few of my favorite things:

Brown Rice Cake with Peanut Butter and Banana

Sugar Snap Peas

Carrots and Hummus ( My personal fav is Trader Joe’s Chipotle Red Pepper!)

Trader Joe’s Plain Greek Yogurt with Berries and Agave Nectar

The funny thing about these is that when I am eating many of them I am brought back to different memories of my childhood.  It’s Weird how food can do that.  Take for instance the Sugar Snap Peas.  I remember eating these while waiting on the hill for my swim class to begin at Mrs. Crockers.  Every class Mrs. Crocker would tell us how many buckets of ice she would put in the pool that morning. You see the pool wasn’t heated so she would make up this whole long story about ice in the pool. 

Anyways- I am curious to find out what you are all snacking on these days.  Let me know!

Stay Fit!!!!


2 thoughts on “Snack time!

  1. Thanks for reminding me about sugar snap peas! I could actually sit there and sit a bunch of those. Move aside Girl Scout Cookie Evil. Sugar snap peas are bumping you off the snack bar!

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