A Healthy Challenge to All!

Every morning I log into my google reader and check out all the new posts in blog world.  I love seeing all the new creations and combinations.  However I would have to say that well over three-quarters of the posts I read are of guilty pleasures or just straight up unhealthy.  I am not saying that I am not guilty of this very thing.  In the past I to have “unhealthy” things on my blog.  I just really want to see people putting more emphasis into their health.  We only get one body- one life so let’s make it the best we can.  Even  just small substitutions in our regular recipes will make a huge difference.

So here is my challenge (if there is anyone left reading):  Try to post something at least once a week that is a healthy post.  It could be a recipe, an exercise post or even your future goals. 

Now get thinking and get back to me on this.  I’ll leave you with a few links of my favorite “healthy” blogs:

Now let’s get fit people!!!


5 thoughts on “A Healthy Challenge to All!

  1. This is important! I am visiting from Amanda’s blog — and yeah, I think stressing the healthy and taking care of ourselves is very necessary. I can be unhealthy at times and it is no good.

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  3. Wow Kat. This hit me hard. I’ve been thinking about my weight alot lately. And you are right. I am not treating my body well. It may think it wants chips, cupcakes, burgers and pina coladas but it really doesn’t NEED it. I’m taking the challenge. At least one healthy post a week. Thanks for making me rethink what I put in my body (and my blog).

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