Training for the Half Marathon and other stuff!!

I had promised myself last year that I would do the LI Half Marathon.  I figure it would be a great goal for me after just giving birth last year.  Well this week started my training and all is good so far.  You would think that it would be easy for me to fit the training in being that I own a gym and have one in my garage also.  However things aren’t always that easy.  I am making this a priority though.  Here is just a sample of  my training schedule!

I also am working very hard at instilling a healthy lifestyle for my daughter Avery.  People make think I am out of my mind as she is only 5 1/2 months old.  I truly believe that you can never start to young.  In my line of work I get so frustrated at how little parents teach their children about being healthy and active.  I know as a  child we were always outside playing.  We had VERY little tv/computer time.  I thank my parents everyday for keeping me active.  I now understand how much work it was for my mother running us around from sport to sport.  Coming from a family of 4 kids and each one of us played something different it was pretty hectic at times. 

This weekend was my first real “Mom” weekend!  Saturday I had Gymboree classes with Avery and Sunday we had Mommy and Me swim classes.  I think I may have enjoyed them more than she did.  Avery did really enjoy the water.  Hopefully she takes after me as I was a “fish” from a very early age!!

This week I am also trying to get started on making my own baby food.  I’ll let you know how that goes and post a few pictures soon. 

Off I go to run!!!!

Stay Healthy!!!


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