Hello?? Anyone there????

I have been so busy these past few months.  I returned to work about 2 weeks after giving birth and really haven’t stopped running around since.  Learning to balance a baby and work has been easier than I thought.  However I can’t say the same thing for this blog.

I plan on revising everything on here.  I have vowed to lead a much healthier lifestyle.  Not that I was bad before but there were things I could of course change.  I want to make sure that not only my husband and I are healthier but also set an example for my beautiful daughter Avery Shea.  I have seen one too many problem children who weigh in more than I did fully pregnant and they aren’t even in their teens yet!!

If there is anyone left around that still reads this- I promise I will be doing updates within the next few weeks.

Avery Shea- Born 9-11-09


5 thoughts on “Hello?? Anyone there????

  1. I’m still reading!! I can’t believe I havent been able to see Avery until this picture! She is so cute! I hope everything is going well at the gym. I’m hoping to stop by one of these days soon… All the best from James and me!

  2. I’m here! I’m here! But dang… if you think you’re unhealthy than what am I doing?? *eating cupcake while commenting* Can’t wait to read more updates on Avery! Love those cheeks…

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