My New Goals!!!

So it has been  a summer of feeling not quite like myself- ( that seems to happen when you are pregnant the whole time).  

preggo  I am giving myself some new goals.  First of course is to deliver a healthy baby girl hopefully sooner than later.  I am 38 weeks after all!  Second is to completely clear out my cupboards and fridge.  Not that there is really that much “junk food”  but somehow I seem to get addicted to even the most innocent of foods i.e. triscuits, graham crackers, etc.  I miss feeling lean and healthy.  I did escape the better part of my pregnancy without really feeling big which has been a blessing.  I probably have now gained about 22 pounds which isn’t bad but needs to disappear ASAP!!!!  I also can’t wait to get back to my exercise schedule.  I still workout.  Weights 3 times a week and some sort of cardio at least 4 times a week.  However my cardio has been leaving little to be desired.  Running has been banned from my routine.  So of course what is the one think I want to so badly do…. RUN!  I plan on doing my first race post pregnancy on Thanksgiving Morning.  It will be the Garden City Turkey Trot 5 miler.  I am hoping to be back up to that by then.  I know I am not leaving much time to train as I won’t be cleared to run for approximately 6 weeks after birth but I am going to give it a shot.  I also want to do the Half Marathon this coming spring.  It will be my longest race to date.  I have only run 5Ks, 10Ks, and 5 Mile races.  So this should be a good challenge.   I figure by blogging about this I won’t allow myself to change my mind.  Sometimes I need a little extra motivation! 🙂

Just thought I would give you an update as to why my blog has been lacking!!  I am looking forward to updating with a lot of new healthy recipes!


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