Simple Syrup

For about 7 years of my life I bartended out in the Hamptons.  I loved it so much!!!!  One of the things I learned many years ago was that making a quick simple syrup was so much easier then adding actual sugar to drinks.  Take a Mojito for example.  It has you muddling the mint, lime juice and sugar together then adding ice, rum, and club soda.  The problem with real sugar is that it often sinks to the bottom making it hard to dissolve.  Instead of sugar I use simple syrup now, which is sugar/Splenda that is already heated and dissolved into water. 

1 1/2 cups sugar/Splenda
1 cup water

Heat mixture stirring often until fully dissolved.  Liquid will begin to appear clear.  Cool to room teperature then refridgerate.  It will stay good up to about 10 days.   


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